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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Showgirls Playmate of the Year 2009

This show obviously had a lot of money put into it. But I'm sorry to say that the huuuuuuuge black boots the men were wearing ruined the entire thing for me. They looked clunky and uncomfortable in them and the boots ruined all of their lines (especially in the side split leap). I've worn these shoes myself onstage before and they are extremely hard to control and dance in. There should have been more communication between the choreographer and costume designer.

All of the dancers were working very hard, but I couldn't help but think the choregraphy didn't really show them off as well as it could have. The camera angles were also maybe not as well planned as they could have been. It was a very frenetic energy through the whole piece which did suit the music, however there are ways to add some more light and shade for dramatic impact rather than just running all over the stage all the time! Phew!

Eating Disorders - Starving For Attention

We all dive into a block of chocolate or a packet of Tim Tams now and then, but how far is too far? How do you draw the line between a naughty little nibble and a compulsive urge? Compulsive eating is a type of eating disorder, just like anorexia and bulimia. Find out how these conditions can turn food into your enemy, instead of your friend. Please click on the link to read the rest of this article.

Stripper Beauty Tip: How to cure dark eye circles

Are you a victim of 'Raccoon Eyes?' Things may not be as grim as you imagined. Please read my article below:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Review - "Traci Lords Underneath It All" by Traci Elizabeth Lords

Rating: *****

15 year-old Nora Kuzma's descent into the world of porn is motivated by a will to survive. Her mother doesn't create a stable home for her, neglects her and hops in and out of unhealthy relationships that take their toll on her four daughters. In one of her mother's dysfunctional relationships Nora is sexually abused.

Nora decides to make it on her own and assumes the name Traci Lords. She is influenced and manipulated by others to become the most recognized porn star world-wide. This autobiography tells of her struggle to return to a normal life and to become a successful actress and recording artist.

The depth of emotion and feeling that Traci puts into her writing really gives you an insight into her world and into her mind. I'm truly shocked at the behaviour of the people who influenced her to become involved with porn.

Her epic battle to be respected as a person, not a child porn star, is an inspiration. Everything Traci touches, turns to gold. She is truly an alchemist and this piece of writing is a blessing for victims of sexual abuse.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Review - How much do you Love me?

Rating: ****
(Subtitles in English)

An ordinary Frenchman named Francois (Bernard Campan) enters a brothel in the Pigalle District of Paris. He meets voluptuous prostitute Daniela (Monica Bellucci) and tells her about his recent win in the lottery. He offers her 100,000 euros per month to live with him until his money runs out. Daniela agrees and Francois goes about wooing his sex Goddess despite a bad heart condition. What he doesn't know is that Daniela has a bad-ass gangster boyfriend who is fond of waving his gun around.

The director Bertrand Blier likes to shock his audiences and delivers in this film. My favourite part of the film is reminiscent of "When Harry met Sally" (but I won't give it away). It also has elements of "Indecent Proposal" thrown into the mix with superb acting and an unusual musical backing. All round, this loopy little love fest is refreshing and enjoyable.

Copyright Lana Knight 2009 All rights reserved

Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Pole Dance Australia - 1st Place

Flattering fan work, costume and engaging personality. Inventive choreography and transitions, although sometimes a tiny bit clunky on landings. Fantastic feeling for dramatic impact on multiple side split drops and a death-defying finish worthy of Cirque du Soleil. Hey, I'm proud of this Aussie bombshell!

Pole Dancing Toy for Kids - Stripping away our Children's Innocence

When I was in primary school I found a playboy bunny boy badge hidden in my mommy's jewellry box. It was pink and I thought the bunny looked cute. I had no idea what that symbol represented, but I loved the brooch soooo much that I wore it in my primary school photographs. It was so long ago that I can't remember my mother's reaction when the finished photos arrived. There I was in my brown 'Raggedy Anne' dress with a pink sexualized symbol proudly displayed on my chest.

I heard another story from an aquaintance of mine describing her teenage daughters fascination with the playboy Bunny symbol and how she had it plastered all over her school bags, school books and mobile phone, etc. She said that she asked her teenage daughter if she knew what the symbol represented and she was answered with a shrug. Her mother explained to her that it was a symbol that represented the 'Playboy' pornographic magazine established in 1953 by Hugh Hefner.

Children's toys are becoming more and more 'sexualized' as toy manufacturers stoop to a marketing phenonenom called 'age compression.' This money-making idea targets kids who are growing more mature as the generations pass. Today's children aren't as interested in stuffed toys, but how could these people destroy the innocence of children? These adult-like products are made for children as young as six years old. The psychological damage that these products will cause is beyond belief and you can only hope that parents can recognise the long-term ramifications of such a trend. We need to make a stand and get these toy manufacturers to stop shaping and moulding our children in an unhealthy way. Visit the Alpha Mummy site below to find out more and add your voice.

Noone can verify whether the pole dancing doll is actually available for sale in the US, but why am I not suprised? It has a doll propped on a pole and rotates with blinking lights and a mirror ball. Tesco has also brought out a product called 'The Peekaboo dance pole.' Just the name of this toy makes me cringe.

Exactly how is pop culture contributing to the creation of these products? Get your answers here:

You can check out the Alpha Mummy site:
Here you can get the particulars on the seven most outrageous sexualised prodcuts on the market today including:

The Peekaboo dance pole
Sexy thongs for girls
Playboy eraser sets
Bratz Forever Diamondz Doll Funky Torso
Polly Pocket So Hip Cruise Ship
Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus
My Scene Bling Bling Spa

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to get a Date with a Stripper - A Stripper's Secrets Revealed

Is it possible to get a date with the most beautiful Goddess you have ever laid eyes on? The answer is yes. Find out how to date a stripper with invaluable advice from ex-stripper Lana Knight.