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Thursday, July 30, 2009

'Amercian Idol' sues Texas Strip Club for Sexy Spin-Off

The Palazio's Men's Club in Texas has come up with a stripper competition called (drum roll) 'Stripper Idol.' The strippers can win $500 by dancing topless for 60 seconds and the winner is judged by the amount of audience applause.

The 'American Idol' creators Freemantle Media have kicked up a stink about the name of the competition, saying that consumers will get confused or mislead about who is sponsoring the weekly events. Freemantle Media says they are infringing on trademark rights. The clubs logo for the competition has a similar look and feel to the American Idol logo, however the club manager Scott Stevenson believes otherwise, "It's shocking. We're just a local company it's not like we're some big threat."

Written by Lana night

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Your Sexy Strip Show - 3 Dynamite Principles for Tasty Tease

These 3 principles are the main thrust of a kick-ass strip routine:

1. Smile, relax and have fun! (If you are enjoying yourself, he will too).

2. Keep your posture straight and stick your breasts out! (Keep shoulders relaxed or you'll look tense).

3. Maintain eye contact. (If you look at the floor he won't feel as connected with you).

These secret tips will have him worshipping you like a Goddess.
Use them wisely:)
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freaky Followers - Stripper Safety Tip

There is nothing scarier than being followed home from work. One time I was followed home by a taxi driver. I'd spoken to him in the strip club earlier on that night. I recognised his thick black glasses and uniform when he pulled up behind me at the traffic lights. On closer inspection I recognised his face. When I became suspicious that he was following me, I made a series of sharp turns to confirm my suspicions. When he mimicked every turn I made, I started to panic. Luckily I'd just sunk some money into a brand new red sports car and gunned it into the distance. I was lucky I had my wits about me that night. I might not have even noticed I was being tailed or could easily have had a car accident.

The biggest mistake is to convince yourself that it won't happen to you. How do you keep this from happening? Find out where the two closest police stations are from your work and your house. Study the street directory in detail and get to know the main roads that lead to both of them. If you suspect you are being followed simply drive to the nearest police station instead of your home. You can also keep emergency numbers on speed dial in your mobile phone and have it on hand as soon as you leave the club.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Feisty Pheromones

Did you know that science can help you attract men? Pheromones are technically an 'invisible booty call' that travels through the air to captivate men. Ways to increase your pheromones include eating well, exercising regularly and taking herbal supplements eg. zinc.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stripper Quotes

"They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them" - Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Strip Club Safety Tip for Newbies

Whenever you leave your strip club, make sure that you at least tell the bouncer at the door. It's better to wait for a bouncer to walk you to your car to avoid any unwanted attention. Fair enough this attention could be harmless, but it could also be potentially dangerous. I've heard heaps of stories about girls being hassled after work who couldn't be bothered to wait for a chaperon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

All that Twitters?

At first I thought "Twitter" was a great big waste of time, but now I've gotten used to it I begin to see the attraction. Sure enough there are people that talk about the amazing fact that they have just brewed a cup of tea or to sell services and products, but it does show you a different side to the personality. The little snippets/tweets you receive from each person start to build a picture of them over a period of time.


"A laugh is a smile that bursts" :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stilletos are a deadly weapon.

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Most strippers will not hesitate to use their stilettos in self-defence. So watch out guys! Don't get too close :)

Book Review - 'A piece of Cake' by Cupcake Brown

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The start of this book describing Cupcake's mother's death captured me in a number of seconds. Cupcake Brown is an honest, colourful and vivid character from her childhood through to her adult years. She is thrust into the child welfare system at 11 years old and is verbally, physically and sexually abused. She struggles with a crack cocaine addiction and her appetite for drugs is always on the up. The amount of drugs she takes is horrifying. Towards the end, the continual list of drugs she takes becomes so monotonous, I wondered whether the book was going to end and I reacted to it by becoming extremely depressed. However, by the end of the book I felt it was definately inspiring for anyone wanting to recover from drug addiction.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

The new talent is awesome and much better than last years. I think Mary Murphy is hilarious, but my mum thinks she's irritating and way too loud. My favourite would have to be Melissa the naughty Ballerina. I think she will be able to show Performance maturity.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ignorance is bliss - What men don't know.

I feel sorry for men that go to strip clubs. When a stripper faces her customer she's smiling and seductive, but what men don't know is that when she turns her back she has a bored and even murderous look on her face. Ignorance is bliss.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Developing Self-confidence with affirmations

Self-confidence can be developed by a simple 'Jedi mind trick', otherwise known as affirmations. How does it work? The brain is a "yes" machine so be careful what you feed it. For instance, if you keep thinking or telling yourself that you are a loser, your brain will agree with you. The same is true for positive statements like "I'm a winner!" The brain will immediately agree with you on that too. So, obviously the more positive statements you make to yourself, the more happy and confident you will feel.

Monitor the thoughts that you have and turn all of your negative thoughts into positive ones.
For example: Instead of saying/thinking: "I'm fat."
Convert this thought/statement to: "My body is wholesome/healthy/unique/perfect."

If I'm alone I'll say these statements aloud. It feels more empowering.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Book Review - "Candy Girl" - A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper by Diablo Cody

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Diablo Cody is a screenwriter who won an academy award for her film Juno in 2007. Her book ‘Candy Girl’ has a recent second edition and the success of this book can be put down to two different reasons. The most probable is Diablo’s success as a screenwriter and this arousing an interest in her memoir. The other reason is the title of the book appeals to a broader market because she brands herself as an ‘unlikely’ candidate for stripping. However, surprisingly a high majority of strippers come from middle class families like her own.

This book presents one year of Diablo’s life hopping from strip club to strip club. She becomes a stripper, as well as a peep show girl and a phone sex operator. She spends 6 months stripping. This short time frame emphasizes the fact that Diablo’s experience is limited and results in her sometimes over-simplistic writing style and short-sighted perspective. Through this book, it’s hard to believe that Diablo went from stripping to performing illegal sexual acts in just one year.

Diablo started stripping because she was bored with her job as a copy typist and approached stripping from a journalist’s perspective. Every stripper’s reasons to start stripping are purely financial and not based on experimental research like Diablo’s. Her self-imposed distance from the ‘realness’ of stripping just skims the surface of this career. Diablo’s book is a compilation of facts from start to finish. Like a diary of events, this happened and then that happened… without going too deep. Diablo appears to hold stripping at arms length through the book, so she can somehow not be touched by it. It’s an understandable defense mechanism, but doesn’t offer enough substance for the reader.

Diablo’s work is littered with street-jargon and pop-culture references such as “Dinero to spare-o”, that elude the older reader; when simple words like “plenty of cash” are clearer and more effective to use. Diablo’s book is also jam-packed with strong metaphors and adjectives. It's like she has sat down with a thesaurus and tried to cram in as many impressive words as possible.

Throughout this memoir there are tiny elements of a non-fiction book. These include: “The Ten Best Songs to Strip to, The Ten Worst Songs to Strip to, The Ten Worst Stripper Names and “Activity Korner”. Although these elements are more suited to a non-fiction book, they are quirky, fun and help to break up the text. However, some people may view these visual aids as being out of place in a memoir and simply crutches for more inexperienced writers.

Diablo has kept the reader updated through the entire book on her ambitions, career, relationships and life outside of stripping. However, an unusual feature of Diablo’s book is her childhood is not revealed until one of the last chapters. It feels like she added it as an afterthought and it’s out of place in this location. If her childhood was explained at the start, it could have deepened the reader’s empathy and understanding of Diablo’s character while the book progressed. Instead the book feels disjointed and incomplete. One of her statements in this chapter “I was never molested as a child, probably because I wasn’t very attractive” belittles and offends sexual abuse survivors.

The last 2 pages of the book belong to a chapter called ‘Coda’ where she says she believes stripping is “puddle-shallow and symbolically molecular”. This is only one example of the slightly arrogant tone in Diablo’s writing. There is no explanation about how she could have changed on a psychological level.

I wouldn't recommend this book if you are considering a career in the stripping industry because it fails to underline the serious issues that stripper's face.

This book is a real page turner. I would recommend it to people who want entertainment value.

Book Review
by Lana Knight

Are you a stripperholic?

The lure of the big money is intoxicating. Strippers get hooked on the high life and get used to a certain way of living. Then it's hard to get back to the 'real' world. It took me many years to get out of the biz, but what inspired me to get out was the realization that I had lost my identity. The woman looking back at me in the mirror was no longer me. So how do you stop? When you've got bills to pay, mouths to feed and exams to study for?