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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bustle your Hustle

Hustling skills make the difference between a rich stripper and a broke-ass stripper.

1. Touch the guy's arm when you talk to him and ask him things like, "Do you want to play with me in the back room." (He will immediately think he's got the upperhand, little does he know). Do this rather than asking for a "dance."

2. Draw his attention down to your breasts by adjusting your costume. As soon as he gets a glimpse at your cleavage, he'll be putty in your hands and easier to persuade.

3. Try all of these techniques first. If they don't work, then offer him a 'test drive' dance for one song with the first $20 he spends (Buy two and get one free). Make sure he gives you $20 before you start and give him the last song for free. When you finish, say something like "I was just getting started. Do you want to keep playing with me?" When he gives you more money say something like, "Good. I didn't want to put my clothes on yet."


  1. Hi Lana, your site is exciting. What a great profession you have. What you do must be so therapeutic for your students.

    I teach tango thru ZEN in Rome but am originally from Austin, Texas USA. Are jobs are similar in that when someone learn tango their lives chnage literally. They become more self assured, more sensual and certainly more artistic. (especially the way I teach) It really is therapy for this stressful world.

    It would be nice if you were to visit me in Rome and perhaps take a tango lesson from me. You would love Italy; it is full of magic. I am also passione about video making. Look at my latest video. Perhaps together we could do something like this. What do you think ?

  2. Hi Oscar,
    I love tango. Yes our jobs are quite similar. Teaching people how to be sexy does improve their confidence and their quality of life. I do actually include some tango/flamenco/latin steps in my shows now and then too (for a little sexy spice).

    I really like your music choice of "Assassin's Tango" for your video. It has depth and a dramatic edge. I think the lady standing in the background is a little bit distracting in the video, but otherwise it is great. I can see you are a dedicated teacher with alot of natural magnetism.

    I would love to travel to Rome! I'd love to dance all over the world. But I may have to wait until my health improves and a tide of abundance swings my way again.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Keep dancing with passion and loving life. Lana xo

    1. I Lana, just wondering if you can post more sripper hustling tips on here. I was wondering how do I keep a guy coming back and keep him as my regular high paying customer??