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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Security Cameras

The security cameras in strip clubs can create a disturbing paranoia. You never know who is watching you.


  1. I am actually quite comforted by the cameras. It makes sure that the customers behave - I don't mind being watched for my own safety.

    We have a stripper blog too:

  2. i m so delighted to read the bright side of strippers . your blog is quite interesting and i read many posts .

  3. Hi Lana. I'm an ex stripper from Australia too. I'm writing a blog about my experiences too, but it's a memoir... Could you please look?:) Us Aussie girls have to stick together, right? :P


  4. Cameras are there for dancer's safety, and quite comforting.

  5. I am currently working as a dancer/entertainer on the east coast (US). :-) I think cameras are mostly useful as long as they're not used as a replacement for proper security guards. Conversely, some high end customers are scared away by them.

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