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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Developing Self-confidence with affirmations

Self-confidence can be developed by a simple 'Jedi mind trick', otherwise known as affirmations. How does it work? The brain is a "yes" machine so be careful what you feed it. For instance, if you keep thinking or telling yourself that you are a loser, your brain will agree with you. The same is true for positive statements like "I'm a winner!" The brain will immediately agree with you on that too. So, obviously the more positive statements you make to yourself, the more happy and confident you will feel.

Monitor the thoughts that you have and turn all of your negative thoughts into positive ones.
For example: Instead of saying/thinking: "I'm fat."
Convert this thought/statement to: "My body is wholesome/healthy/unique/perfect."

If I'm alone I'll say these statements aloud. It feels more empowering.

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  1. This is very true....but it is still hard to compliment your self when ur having a bad night at the club